Pixomondo (www.pixomondo.com) recently released a breakdown video detailing the studio’s visual effects work on The Girl in the Spider's Web, which is now available digitally and on DVD. The film represents 10 months of work for the studio, including 70 days of on-set supervision. The Pixomondo team completed close to 600 VFX shots for the film, with approximately 100 artists from its Stuttgart and Frankfurt facilities contributing to the project. More than 50,000 photos were taken on set, and 200 cyberscans were taken of 16 actors. Approximately 60 VFX shots were created for trailers alone, and more than 56,000 frames were ultimately rendered for the final movie. In total, the VFX work appears in 40 minutes of the final film. The Pixomondo team included VFX producer Sebastian Meszmann, VFX supervisor Thilo Ewers, and VFX set supervisor Christoph Schmidt.