In this video, cinematographer Jim Denault details working with PRG’s Enhanced Environments solution, which uses projection, LED and lighting to create natural-looking backgrounds and reflections on-set. Denault is known for his work in Nadja, Illtown, Boys Don’t Cry and Our Song. Most recently, Denault and the production team used PRG’s Enhanced Environments technology to shoot NBC’s Law & Order: Organized Crime.

"Enhanced Environments allows a wide range of driving locations and time-of-day options, all on a single LED stage,” explain PRG’s director of sales and market initiatives Vivian Umpierrez, and account executive/technical project manager Ty Munson. “Load the driving plates and find yourselves in Paris at night and then on the streets of Los Angeles all in one day. PRG brings the LED vehicle process system to your stage to minimize company moves, optimize time and give actors and creative the biggest range of possibilities while having full control."