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April 2016

Christine Bunish
Christine Bunish began in publishing with an international newsmagazine group. She moved to Broadcast Management/Engineering where she helped launch World Broadcast News and later served as a writer and research director at Millimeter. She has been a freelance writer for Post Magazine for over 20 years.
Authored Articles
Reality TV: 'The Amazing Race'
Published: February 25, 2016

One of the longest-running reality series, the Emmy Award-winning The Amazing Race, poses unique production and post production challenges with its globe-spanning scale. The competition features two-person teams racing around the world, finding clues and conquering physical and mental challenges in their quest to win a hefty grand prize. Season 28 premieres this month on CBS; two seasons are broadcast annually.
Reality TV: 'Treehouse Masters'
Published: February 24, 2016

The astonishing arboreal structures showcased in Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters aren’t the treehouses of your childhood. They’re the treehouses of your dreams. The series, which is now airing part one of Season 4, launched in 2013 and features the work of Pete Nelson, world-renowned treehouse designer and builder.
Reality TV: 'Hell's Kitchen'
Published: February 23, 2016

With Season 15 currently airing, this hit Fox cooking competition proves that if you can’t stand the heat, you gotta get outta Hell’s Kitchen. Hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the show pits chefs against one other in teams and later individually as Ramsay tasks them with cooking challenges and dinner services. Participating chefs reside in a dormitory on-set for the duration of the show.  
Reality TV: 'Long Island Medium'
Published: February 23, 2016

The TLC series, Long Island Medium, not only follows Theresa Caputo as she meets clients and does readings, it also documents her sometimes zany suburban life in Hicksville, NY (a suburb on Long Island), with her husband and two children. The second part of Season 6 is airing now, and Season 7 is in production.
The World of Reality TV
Published: February 23, 2016

Teams of contestants racing around the globe, treehouse owners with vistas of the stars, cooks competing to gain the approval of a caustic — if not outright demonic — celebrity chef, and a medium who juggles the after-life with suburban life. Reality TV programming spans these extremes and many others. But, like all shows, efficient workflows keep them grounded in the reality of delivery compelling content season after season.
Primetime: CBS's 'Supergirl'
Published: October 26, 2015

Based on the DC Comics character, Supergirl, the new CBS series of the same name, finds the young biological cousin to Superman learning to embrace her powers and embark on a career as a superhero.  As can be expected with any superhero scenario, VFX play an important part in the content of the show.  Supergirl is shot in and around Los Angeles and on the Warner Bros. lot on Arri Alexa; Red cameras are also deployed when 6K resolution is required for greater control over certain VFX shots.
Primetime: NBC's 'Blindspot'
Published: October 12, 2015

A mysterious woman crawls out of a duffel bag in Times Square, suffering from memory loss and covered in tattoos. One of the tattoos bears the name of an FBI agent, and it doesn’t take long before the Bureau discovers that each tattoo contains a clue that will help solve a crime. NBC’s Blindspot shoots on-location in and around New York and at Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios. “It’s a very ambitious show,” says Sarah Rath, associate producer in charge of post production. “It’s like making a feature every week on a TV schedule. The workflow is a best practices scenario due to the big scope of the show. We wanted to stick with what works.”
Music Video: Pitbull w/Chris Brown — 'Fun'
Published: August 18, 2015

What could be more “fun” than Pitbull and Chris Brown riffing on '80s TV show Miami Vice in their newest music video,  Fun, with ice cream-colored suits, fast cars, gorgeous girls, a speedboat, Art Deco hotels and an undercover crime scenario? Even though his drug-dealing girlfriend gets the best of Pitbull at the end, he still looks like he’s having a ball.
Music Video: Madonna — 'Bitch, I'm Madonna'
Published: August 18, 2015

Madonna clearly just wants to have fun at a star-studded penthouse party in Bitch, I’m Madonna, her third single from the "Rebel Heart" album. Directed by Jonas Akerlund, with post production by MPC NY, the video for the electro-pop track includes cameos by Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Chris Rock and Alexander Wang.
Broadcast Design: 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'
Published: June 12, 2015

NEW YORK — With the departure of Craig Ferguson from the CBS late-night scene, it fell to New York City-based strategic design agency Trollbäck + Company ( to create a new branding package for The Late Late Show with James Corden, the successor to the quirky Scotsman. 
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