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  • Smoke on the Mac in LA - Day 2

    Posted By Barry Goch

    The next day, Key Code media held a "lunch and learn" Smoke on the Mac session that was well attended by some well know finishing artists looking to get a first hand look at the product. The following day, Autodesk had a live seminar to showcase this ... Continue reading "Smoke on the Mac in LA - Day 2" »

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  • Smoke on the Mac hits LA - Day 1

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Yesterday was the big day. Smoke on the Mac has finally arrived!! I went to two events yesterday and I'm leaving for a third in a few minutes. Metro Video had a day long "Fiesta" to celebrate the release. The big event came later in the day as ALT ... Continue reading "Smoke on the Mac hits LA - Day 1" »

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  • FotoKem's nextLAB Open House 12-5-09

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Last weekend I attended the nextLAB open house at FotoKem in Burbank, CA. James Mathers, President of the Digital Cinema Society, organizes these outings about once a month and provides a great service to the community by doing so. The group in ... Continue reading "FotoKem's nextLAB Open House 12-5-09" »

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  • Happy Thanksgiving and a Reality Check

    Posted By Barry Goch

    I hope everyone had a great Holiday. I spent time with the family, but still found time to work too. I launched a new website, google group and wrote two tutorials for And that's how it seems to be going nowadays. I'm moving at 1000 ... Continue reading "Happy Thanksgiving and a Reality Check" »

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  • Sony Colorworks holds Open House

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Sony hosted an open house at Stage 6 on the Sony lot in Culver City, CA, to showcase their new DI facility, Colorworks. Sony chose to partner with FilmLight and installed 3 BaseLight Eight, two BaseLight Four, and two BaseLight Assists for their ... Continue reading "Sony Colorworks holds Open House" »

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  • A report from HD Expo

    Posted By Barry Goch

    I did a whirlwind tour of the HD Expo, which is rebranding itself as Createasphere. My main impression from the exhibits was the rise of the DSLR as a serious tool in production. I found many specialized products designed to make the cameras more ... Continue reading "A report from HD Expo" »

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  • One Wrapper To Cover Them All

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    Yesterday at the 2009 SMPTE conference media and entertainment professionals discussed developments in the MXF wrapper format for content creation and delivery during the Seminar on Advanced Media Workflows and MXF. Today a session on Service ... Continue reading "One Wrapper To Cover Them All" »

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  • VES Production Summit Wrap Up

    Posted By Barry Goch

    VES Production Summit, October 24, 2009 Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Ray, California, USA I had the pleasure of attending the VES Production Summit last Saturday. I have to admit that I felt a little out of my league - no wonder as the room was filled ... Continue reading "VES Production Summit Wrap Up" »

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  • Avid Packs Them In

    Posted By Barry Goch

    People came from all over LA, during the first rain of the season, to watch Michael Krulik of Avid wow a capacity crowd with the new features in Media Composer 4. The coolest thing is the ability to mix and match resolutions and frame rates on the ... Continue reading "Avid Packs Them In" »

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  • REDucation Downtown LA

    Posted By Barry Goch

    On my lunch break yesterday, I drove from Burbank to Downtown to check out the REDucation event. Now, for those of you who know LA, you will know that I got very lucky with the traffic in both directions. Given my limited time at the event, I just ... Continue reading "REDucation Downtown LA" »

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  • Wow Wacom!

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Although I have not yet tried it, the new multi-touch Wacom Bamboo tablet looks great. I tried the jog knobs when they first came out, but I quickly went back to the arrow key. I'm already a big fan of using tablets for editing and I hope that this ... Continue reading "Wow Wacom!" »

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  • Post Magazine and Autodesk talk RED at ALT

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Post Magazine and Autodesk held a discussion on RED workflows at ALT systems in Sun Valley Thursday night. The ALT folks do know how to put on a party. I got there early and had...well let just say I was well lubricated...even before the discussion ... Continue reading "Post Magazine and Autodesk talk RED at ALT" »

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  • Editors' Lounge Wrap Up - Wow!

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Last Friday I went to the Editors' Lounge at Alpha Dogs, a post house in Burbank, CA, owned by Terry Curren. I've been attending the Lounge for a few years now and I really enjoy the camaraderie of hanging out with my fellow editors and other post ... Continue reading "Editors' Lounge Wrap Up - Wow!" »

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  • The Life of a Freelancer

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Okay. Here's an example of the craziness of freelancing in this wacky economy. I'm on hold this week, but they don't need me so I check in with another place that wanted to hold me for one day and they don't know if they need me and I should check ... Continue reading "The Life of a Freelancer" »

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  • Welcome to My Blog

    Posted By Barry Goch

    This is my first blog and it is fitting that it is on Post Magazine's Website. I'm an Avid (ha ha) reader and I'm a tech junky who is always looking for my next fix of gear - and swag;-) By the way, since I'm based in LA, I will have a bias towards ... Continue reading "Welcome to My Blog" »

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  • Studio Suite 9 at IBC

    Posted By Mark L. Pederson

    Left out of the IBC Exhibitors Guide and in the wrong hall for their potential customers - ALTER MEDIA quietly showed their new version of Studio Suite - Studio Suite 9, due in just a few weeks. Studio Suite is "leading studio management software, ... Continue reading "Studio Suite 9 at IBC" »

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  • IBC2009: a quick glimpse

    Posted By Harry Skopas

    Amsterdam… the land of canals, coffee shops and IBC2009. In lieu of the current economic crisis the show seemed surprisingly vibrant and very well attended from both an exhibitor and attendee standpoint. Let’s hope the positive sentiment is carried ... Continue reading "IBC2009: a quick glimpse" »

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