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  • NAB 2010 - Day 2

    Posted By David Cox

    NAB 2010 day 2. Here's a quaint old English phrase for you – I'm knackered! Today was another really busy day at the show and again I didn't get very far away from the SGO stand. There are a number of reasons why NAB is so exhausting. I could mention ... Continue reading "NAB 2010 - Day 2" »

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  • A theme for NAB 2010: Openness

    Posted By Michael Kammes

    There’s been an emerging trend in the post realm over the past few years and it’s not surprising that this year at NAB continues this trend…the trend of openness.While companies and their technology proved to be much more initially lucrative when ... Continue reading "A theme for NAB 2010: Openness" »

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  • NAB 2010 - Day One

    Posted By David Cox

    End of NAB Day #1 – 8PM and just back to the hotel room with Starbucks in hand. A very busy day. Last night, we finally decided what we were going to eat. We definitely wanted pasta – no question. We went past three perfectly good Italian restaurants ... Continue reading "NAB 2010 - Day One" »

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  • NAB 2010 - Day Zero

    Posted By David Cox

    April's here, so it must be time to escape the endless English winter and head west to Las Vegas for some sun, excessive food and alcohol and - errrrm - oh yes, NAB. I knew there was a tax deductible reason for it :-) Our flight here was relatively ... Continue reading "NAB 2010 - Day Zero" »

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  • It’s 3D Time

    Posted By Ed Heede

    Well, it's NAB again where Las Vegas plays host to maybe the most obsessive media fest on the globe. I had thoughts of doing a quick NAB "check list" and there are obvious booths and companies to look out for at the show. Examples: although ARRI with ... Continue reading "It’s 3D Time" »

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  • My NAB Hit List

    Posted By Michael Kammes

    Once a year, us posties flock to our mecca, and plant ourselves within the bowels of Sin City to suckle from the geek teet, and bask in all its acronym run glory. We spend too much on cheap food. We spend way more on alcohol, and desperately try and ... Continue reading "My NAB Hit List" »

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  • HPA Tech Retreat 2010

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Hello Post readers! I'm watching a progress bar in Metafuze transcoding some Red dailies so I thought I would catch up on my blogging. I had a whirlwind week back in February as I worked part of the week on a two TV shows, demo'd Smoke on Mac at a ... Continue reading "HPA Tech Retreat 2010" »

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  • Red Day in LA at Red Studios

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Hello Post Readers! It's been a while since my last written blog so I'm long over due for a little tickling the keyboard of my trusty MacBook. I hope you all enjoyed my last video blog of Lucas Wilson, director of business development at Assimilate, ... Continue reading "Red Day in LA at Red Studios" »

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