• <I>The Power of the Dog</I> cinematographer Ari Wegner
    The Power of the Dog cinematographer Ari Wegner

    Netflix’s The Power of the Dog is a feature about a charismatic rancher, who inspires fear and awe in those around him. When Phil Burbank’s brother brings home a new wife and her son, he torments them ...

    November 12, 2021

  • Director's Chair: <I>The Protege</I> — Martin Campbell
    Director's Chair: The Protege — Martin Campbell

    Director Martin Campbell long ago established himself as one of the top action directors in the world, with credits that include two critically acclaimed James Bond films. He directed Pierce Brosnan i ...

    October 29, 2021

  • VFX: <I>No Time To Die</I>
    VFX: No Time To Die

    Cinesite (cinesite.com), in London, delivered several visual effects sequences for No Time To Die, the 25th instalment in the James Bond film series. The feature is the ninth James Bond film for which ...

    October 25, 2021

  • Review: ioSafe Duo

    The ioSafe Duo is a hard drive/SSD unit for two disks that can be set up in RAID 0, 1, JBOD or SPAN configurations. As with all ioSafe digital storage equipment, the unit is fireproof, waterproof and ...

    April 9, 2020

  • Review: DPA's 4017 & 4018 microphones

    When I mention a shotgun microphone, many of you will spontaneously think of a Sennheiser MKH 416 or perhaps a Schoeps CMIT 5. Judging from what I find when googling, not many would think of DPA Micro ...

    December 12, 2019

  • Review: Sonicware's ELZ_1 synthesizer

    In an age of virtual software synthesizers, there seems to be a constant, never-ending stream of new plug-ins, updates, and releases. Some virtual instruments try to break new ground, while others try ...

    October 7, 2019