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January 08, 2011
CES: Day 3
Posted By Bruce Ginsberg
LAS VEGAS — As CES hits its stride, on Friday evening Monster Cable Products held its annual Retail Awards at the Paris Ballroom here in Vegas. Awards were presented for a variety of categories by their CEP as well as Nick Cannon (actor, rapper and ...
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January 07, 2011
CES: Day 2
Posted By Bruce Ginsberg
LAS VEGAS — Tablets, tablets, tablets. The buzz of CES this year is all about new rivals to the iPad, evidencing what game changers the iPad and tablets are becoming. So far, attendees can look at and sample new products but are not allowed to ...
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January 07, 2011
CES: Day 1
Posted By Bruce Ginsberg
LAS VEGAS — I finally found the press/blogger room and am writing this surrounded by 400 bloggers/writers from all over the world, all tapping away on laptops, blackberrys and iPads. With over 150,000 attendees at the CES conference in Las Vegas, the ...
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December 13, 2010
Reducation — Part 2
Posted By Daniel Restuccio
Last week I dropped in to Createasphere's Reducation, the week-long immersive training course taught by Red's leader of the rebellion, Ted Schilowitz, and OffHollywood's founder/CTO, Mark Pederson. Schilowitz has always been the man that has this ...
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December 06, 2010
Universal Studios unveils virtual stage
Posted By Barry Goch
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA — Last week, Universal Studios introduced its new virtual filmmaking stage, Universal Virtual Stage 1. Located on the Universal’s backlot, Stage 36 has been transformed into a state-of-the-art digital production studio. It’s a ...
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November 19, 2010
Posted By Ed Heede
BURBANK — What was once called the “HD Expo” was freshly re-branded Creatasphere Entertainment Expo recently. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as a tradeshow brand, but the name does manage to get away from that passé “HD” thing into a catch-all, ...
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November 10, 2010
AES 2010 - San Francisco
Posted By Hanson Hsu
Bumped into Martin Pilchner in the W hotel bar Friday night and ended up spontaneously hanging out with Francis Monzella, Martin Pilchner and Chris Pelonis. We joked that if Carl Yanchar and John Storyk dropped in, we'd have a quorum of studio ...
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November 08, 2010
AES- SPARS/APRS Lifetime Achievement Awards
Posted By Hanson Hsu
Spars and APRS awarded Bob Clearmountain and Ray Dolby lifetime achievement awards Friday night. Bob Clearmountain made a humble heartwarming speech thanking everyone who ever made a great record and said that he would continue to strive to do better ...
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October 08, 2010
Arri Alexa on the Town in LA
Posted By Barry Goch
Arri Alexa at Local Hero Post with Scratch and Moviola Digital Arts Institute with Autodesk Smoke for Mac Last week I was invited to an open house at Local Hero Post, a boutique post house in Santa Monica, CA. The draw was to see the Arri Alexa ...
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September 20, 2010
Smoke on Mac hands on training
Posted By Max Burgess
I took part in Autodesk's offer of free hands on training for Smoke on Mac at this years IBC. It is a great way of showcasing the software that has always looked a little daunting for Avid or Final Cut Pro users. Now that the price is significantly ...
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