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August 11, 2015
SIGGRAPH 2015: Day 1 - VR, keynote, parallax mapping & chance meetings
Posted By David Blumenfeld
Hello SIGGRAPH friends! After skipping a year, I'm back again at the show, ready to dive into the latest and greatest that's taken place in our industry. As everyone already knows, this year's big topic has been the resurgence, or "second ...
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July 06, 2015
Previs: Edit 1 takes assets beyond the test stage
Posted By Michael Zimbard
In the world of test commercials, all components of a job were once considered "disposable." Today, with agencies and brands focused on smarter and more creative ways of working, companies like Edit 1, traditionally known for our animatic/previs ...
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June 15, 2015
Augmented World Expo's 'Authoring Reality' panel
Posted By Scott Singer
By Scott Singer Panel: "Authoring Reality" Andrew Melchior, Creative Director at "Third Space Agency" gave a great overview of the challenges involved in the making of Bjork's VR pieces for the Museum of Modern Art. The results are a truly ...
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June 12, 2015
The amazingly rapid growth of shared storage
Posted By Corky Seeber
By Corky Seeber CEO Small Tree Walking around the South Hall lower level of the Las Vegas Convention Center during NAB this year, it was startling to see the growth in the number of shared storage companies supporting the post ...
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June 09, 2015
First Look: Filmmaker Kirsten Johnson reflects on using Sony's FS7
Posted By Kirsten Johnson
The story of how I became a cinematographer surprises even me. Although I've always loved watching films, I had no idea one could make a career out of being a cameraperson and I never imagined that cameras would create such extraordinary ways to ...
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May 01, 2015
The buzzzzzzzzz at NAB 2015
Posted By M.J. Foley
Ask anyone (all 103,042 of them) who attended the 2015 NAB Show and most will tell you that they walked away with this strange buzzing sound in their ears. What they were hearing was the sound of exhibitors showing almost every configuration of drone ...
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April 30, 2015
Post production storage - in a flash!
Posted By Tom Coughlin
Faster data rate requirements in the post production environment are driving the use of flash memory. Although the cost of flash memory has made this adoption slower than it might have been in previous years, the 2015 NAB show demonstrated increasing ...
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April 10, 2015
Graphics Monster: Nvidia's Quadro M6000
Posted By Sandeep Gupte
The Nvidia Quadro M6000 is professional graphics in beast mode. It provides everything you need in one powerful card. 12GB of GPU memory. 7.0 teraflops of peak single-precision performance. Support for up to four 4K displays. And the incredible power ...
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April 09, 2015
Editors' Lounge panel eyes NAB 2015
Posted By
BURBANK, CA - AlphaDogs Post celebrated the 12th Annual Pre-NAB Editors' Lounge with a panel discussion on the latest trends in post production and what to expect at this year's NAB in Las Vegas. Topics ranged from editing systems to High Dynamic ...
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March 30, 2015
Nvidia's Iray technology could see previs & VFX use
Posted By Marc Loftus
SAN JOSE, CA - Nvidia ( is helping to bring physically-based rendering to the whole design community with its new Iray technology, which photo-realistically simulates the physical behavior of light and materials. While Iray is ...
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