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August 08, 2012
SIGGRAPH: Noisy Boy, You're My Hero
Posted By David Blumenfeld
Tuesday at Siggraph started out as a normal day for me, cup of coffee and a slow drive on the freeway. This is always my time to think about the plan for the day and figure out how I'm going to accomplish the effects du jour that the current project ...
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August 08, 2012
SIGGRAPH: Pixar's 'Brave' Work
Posted By Scott Singer
Pixar faced some unique challenges in bringing their Scottish river to life in the film "Brave". Not only did they have to construct, simulate and render a convincing and beautiful mountain river with a waterfall, they also had to have a girl and a ...
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August 07, 2012
SIGGRAPH: A Game Of Inches
Posted By John Parenteau
I made it to SIGGRAPH this morning, eager to get to our recruiting booth and talk about how awesome we are! But as I made my way to registration, I hadn't taken in to account one major problem. It would take me an hour to move 50 feet. I'm not ...
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August 07, 2012
SIGGRAPH: Through The Eyes Of A Middle-Aged CTO
Posted By Robert Keske
Though SIGGRAPH has been held annually since 1974, this will be my first year attending the world-renowned computer graphics convention. No, I'm not some fresh-faced college student, participating in this year's events as a component of my first ...
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August 07, 2012
SIGGRAPH: Green Steve And Wondermoss
Posted By David Blumenfeld
It seems like Siggraph 2010 was just here, and now I'm back two years later in my home town for another round. While I was unable to attend yesterday, I showed up early to get the party started Monday morning. Attendance seemed to be down quite a bit ...
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August 06, 2012
SIGGRAPH Is Starting.... And I Don't Have A Thing To Wear!
Posted By John Parenteau
Damn. I already blew it and the convention hasn't even officially opened! I was supposed to attend my own company's presentation, this one on Hugo with the Pixomondo and New Deal guys, but as usual technology failed me, and despite the fact that I'm ...
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August 02, 2012
The New Talkies
Posted By Bee Ottinger
Six years after Time magazine named "You"(Tube) Person of the Year, communicating using compelling video content is simpler than ever. With little more than a smart phone, anyone can become a video content creator - or a critic. Viral video stars can ...
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July 30, 2012
Repertoire Productions: TEDx San Francisco & Dell Mobile Workstations
Posted By Daniel Restuccio
SAN FRANCISCO - Jonathan Jackson, principal at San Francisco based Repertoire Productions ( used the Dell mobile workstation on his recent production of the TEDx San Francisco event. Jackson was faced with taking hours ...
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July 06, 2012
Digital preservation is more than technology
Posted By Joshua Ranger
Yes, it's early July, but I am going to talk a bit about April's NAB and a discussion that evolved from the show. I love the NAB conference; always have. I wound my way into media archiving and preservation after starting off as an audio engineer. ...
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June 21, 2012
PromaxBDA: Day Tres
Posted By Danixa Diaz
Day Tres was full of great sessions with great titles, such as: Drinking Improves Creativity... This was also the day when Ms. Betty White was recognized with our Lifetime Achievement Award and she was as graceful and funny as always. Sessions ended ...
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