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SWOT: RingSide Creative's Steve Wild looks at the Post Business
December 7, 2012 –  Not unlike the rest of the business world, our industry locally, nationally and internationally has suffered from a depressed marketplace the last few years.
SWOT: Copilot's Jason Menkes reflects on the Music Business
December 7, 2012 –  Reinvention is one of the engines that drives our industry, but not when it's detrimental to a long-term sonic identity.
Open House: Copilot Strategic Music + Sound
December 3, 2012 –  NEW YORK — It was a SunnyD commercial back in 2000 that would set the wheels in motion for Jason Menkes and Ravi Krishnaswami to join forces and form Copilot Strategic Music + Sound ...
Technicolor - Postworks overcomes Superstorm Sandy
November 29, 2012 –  NEW YORK — As it did to countless thousands of businesses in New York City and along the East Coast, Superstorm Sandy exacted a toll on Technicolor – PostWorks New York ( and ...
Review: Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite: Ultimate 2013
November 9, 2012 –  Since their 2006 and 2008 acquisitions of Maya and Softimage, Autodesk has been in a unique position to link and hybridize the fragmented ecosystem of 3D digital content creation software.
A52 tests Nvidia's next-gen Maximus
October 15, 2012 –  SANTA MONICA — We met Lon Grohs, VP of Business Development at Chaos Group, at Escape Studios this past Spring. We both happened to be presenting that evening — a52 was there to show off a beautiful ...
Sébastien Montaz-Rosset's extreme filmmaking
October 9, 2012 –  Sébastien Montaz-Rosset - “Seb” — is a talented, self-taught French filmmaker who specializes in filming extreme athletes in extreme conditions. One of his latest short films, I Believe I Can Fly ...
Director's Chair: Jim Field Smith - 'Butter'
October 8, 2012 –  NEW YORK — On October 5th, Radius-TWC released Butter, a new comedic feature that looks at the competitive world of butter carving in the heartland of America.
Sound Design: Jon Title finds inspiration
October 8, 2012 –  HOLLYWOOD — One thing that Jon Title has learned in his 15-plus years as a sound designer and sound editor at Soundelux: inspiration can appear in the unlikeliest of places.
Transmedia Storytelling: What we learned from 'Lost'
October 8, 2012 –  Getting lost is seldom a good thing, but in the case of J.J. Abrams’ ground-breaking series Lost, it would have been nice to see media industries truly “get it.”
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