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April 2016

Marc Loftus

Marc Loftus is the Senior Editor and Director of Web Content for Post Magazine. He has been with the monthly publication since 1992, reporting on new technologies and creative techniques relating to film, television and commercial post production. In that time, he has witnessed the transition from linear to nonlinear, analog to digital, stereo to surround, SD to HD, tape-based to file-based, and 2D to 3D. Marc is a graduate of The New York Institute of Technology.
Authored Articles
Post Script: A fresh perspective
Published: October 12, 2011

Fresh Editorial ( recently launched with operations in Santa Monica and New York. The bi-coastal editorial operation is dedicated to the art of “visual storytelling,” and is headed by executive producer Sean DeVeaux, with Richard Cooperman cutting on the West Coast and Todd Stewart working from the East Coast. Both use FCP 7.
Digitally Acquired TV Series
Published: October 12, 2011

Some primetime shows push the envelope with storylines that challenge social norms and status-quo thinking, and the technology used in producing these shows is often just as risky. This month, Post caught up with a number of crews that are producing and posting television series with a tapeless workflow.
Post Script: Point, counter point
Published: September 7, 2011

Last month, in this space, I reported on editor Chris Duke, who is one of the first Final Cut Pro X users to come out and say great things about the new editing software. Well, that apparently was just too much for some of our readers to handle. How dare I! What are they paying me?! Absolutely outrageous!!!
Post Script: An early adopter of FCP X
Published: August 8, 2011

Chris Duke is an independent producer whose auto-themed how-to programs air on satellite and cable services. Duke Networks ( is based in San Diego and produces Motorz, a half-hour series that airs on The Pursuit Channel and shows viewers how to modify their cars and trucks using tools that are readily available at their local Sears retailer.
Post Script: JVC previews affordable 4K camcorder
Published: July 12, 2011

At the recent SMPTE show and Digital Video Expo East in New York City, JVC hosted a new technology demo for members of the post and production communities, soliciting feedback for a 4K camcorder that the company has in the works.
Thunderbolt-enabled Storage
Published: July 12, 2011

By working together, Intel and Apple were able to bring to market Thunderbolt, a new, high-speed I/O technology that offers bi-directional, dual-channel, 10Gb per second performance using a single cable. It is a dual-protocol technology, working with PCI Express and DisplayPort devices.
Pitching, and competition
Published: June 13, 2011

This month, Post had a chance to speak with a number of studios that are helping networks and television shows establish unique identities through visuals. Broadcast design is an art, as many will attest, with the goal of creating or identifying a brand through stylized imagery, much of the time relying on CG.
Broadcast Design
Published: June 13, 2011

Those first few seconds of a television show can say a lot. They build excitement, introduce concepts, recap storylines and most importantly, establish an identity. The same goes for networks, which try to set themselves apart as unique entertainment destinations.
Stereo 3D
Published: May 18, 2011

While the broadcast industry is still debating how to bring the stereo 3D experience to home viewers — although ESPN and n3D both offer 3D channels — the film studios, and even the videogame industry, appear to have a jump on things. Just about every week, a new 3D film seems to be opening at the box office, so for those looking for an immersive experience, they need to look only as far as their local cinema.
Post Script: Workflow Troubleshooting
Published: May 16, 2011

Earlier this month, The Motion Picture Editors Guild teamed up with Sixteen19 ( in New York City to host a “file-based acquisition & post” seminar designed to help production and post pros recognize and avoid potential problems that can arise on-set and later in the post chain.
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