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Rodeo FX creates 350 VFX for 'Now You See Me'
June 12, 2013 –  MONTREAL — Rodeo FX served as the primary visual effects vendor on the new film, Now You See Me. The studio delivered 350 complex VFX shots for the film, representing 23 minutes of screen time.
I-Mego offers noise-canceling headphones
June 3, 2013 –  AUSTIN, TX — I-Mego ( recently released their Walker Junior noise-canceling headphones. The collapsible headphones are designed to create a comfortable listening environment in areas ...
Getting Started: Sound mixer Chris Afzal
May 24, 2013 –  How did I get here? I blame Thrasher Magazine. Back when I was 10, I was obsessed with skating. Thrasher was the leading skate magazine at the time. It was the one with the coolest motto, anyway: ...
Sphere training targets VFX
May 15, 2013 –  NEWPORT, UK — Sphere VFX ( has been providing training services since 2006. The company offer training both online and in a classroom setting.
Documentary Short: 'From Queens to Cairo'
May 9, 2013 –  QUEENS, NY — Sherif Sadek, director of the Akhnaton Films ( produced From Queens to Cairo, has been nominated in the category of Best Director of a Short Documentary at the ...
Review: Nugen Audio's VisLM loudness meter
April 23, 2013 –  God, I love a good meter. Who doesn’t, really? You know how sometimes you get all insecure and weird about a mix you’ve heard more times in the last month than you’ve heard your name in your entire ...
Red Giant's BulletProof: A media wrangler for the rest of us
April 16, 2013 –  The folks at Red Giant, creators of sexy VFX plug-ins and filmmakers themselves, have come up with a clever piece of software called BulletProof that gives you many of the advantages of an on-set data ...
Getting Started: Poetica's David Elkins
April 15, 2013 –  David Elkins is a well sought-after visual effects artist, whose reel boasts graphic elements that are both staggeringly beautiful and wildly fantastical. It’s no wonder then that the artist’s ...
Getting Started: Heard City's Cory Melious
April 15, 2013 –  I got interested in audio when I was a kid. My parents gave me one of those tan & white Fisher Price record players and I used to just sit there and listen to kids songs all day. I also had this ...
Post On Demand
March 14, 2013 –  At this year’s HPA Tech Retreat, Bling Digital led a lively discussion on the impact file-based workflows are having on feature and television post production.
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