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Olympic videos overcome language barriers
January 31, 2013 –  SANTA MONICA — Digital advertising agency The ZiZo Group led the creation of one of the single-largest social media video campaigns in Olympic history. Raising an Olympian is a 21-video collection of ...
SWOT: The challenges facing music houses
January 14, 2013 –  Music and sound are still the most powerful tools for emotional branding and memory recall. Whether you use custom music, a library track, or an artist cut, music can make the most impact in ...
2013 Storage Forecast
January 3, 2013 –  I get asked to do articles and talks like this pretty regularly. Like most pundits, I’m not often asked to review my own predictions. I just keep looking forward and ignoring all of my past ...
Electric Entertainment Leverages Marquis' X2Pro
January 3, 2013 –  The television series Leverage follows a team of thieves, hackers and con artists who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, standing up for the little guy who has been victimized by the rich and powerful. ...
SWOT: KBV's Tony Verderosa looks at the music licensing business
January 2, 2013 –  The increased number of licensing options available to potential clients has introduced new problems. The number of choices for any content producer in film, TV or Web can be overwhelming and very ...
Scripting & Automation in the Edit Room
December 18, 2012 –  Editing has come a long way since the upright Moviola. Those of us who started cutting on film or tape know full well how computers revolutionized our industry. Nonlinear editing systems help us make ...
The Sound of 'Les Miserables'
December 14, 2012 –  In Post’s November 2012 article Mic’d Up, I talked with production sound editor Simon Hayes about the recording process for the musical Les Miserables, which is coming to theaters December 25. While ...
SWOT: BigStar's Josh Norton looks at Branding trends
December 11, 2012 –  I see 2013 as "a time of perceived change" or faux beginnings.
SWOT: Hooligan's Kane Platt looks at the Post Business
December 10, 2012 –  Complacency and false hope are the biggest threats to the post industry.
SWOT: Roger's Drew Neujahr reflects on the Design Business
December 10, 2012 –  Great ideas are still — and always will be — king, and we're in the ideas business.
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