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VFX: 'The Fighter'
January 4, 2011 –  SANTA MONICA - Comen VFX ( served as the sole visual effects house for the feature film The Fighter, directed by David O. Russell. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as boxer “Irish” Micky ...
Audio For Indies: 'The Ledge'
January 3, 2011 –  The Ledge director Matthew Chapman on the PostDigital stage.
Audio For Indies: 'Waiting For Superman'
January 3, 2011 –  Waiting for Superman was mixed on Stage 6 on the Warner Bros. Post Production Sound campus in Hollywood.
Why are new film labs being built?
January 3, 2011 –  These days, the future of motion picture film is the subject of much debate throughout the global TV and movie industry. There are many commercial interests and technology issues to take into account. ...
Book Review: 'Avid Agility'
December 28, 2010 –  I haven't met Steven Cohen, but after reading his book, Avid Agility ($36.88), I feel like I have. Cohen was a pioneer in nonlinear editing, cutting the first studio feature to use Avid ( Lost in ...
Outlook: Sound Lounge's changing business
December 9, 2010 –  This is an incredibly exciting time to be in our industry. We have transitioned from the traditional television and broadcast era into a truly-digital age, where developing platforms are creating an ...
The Sound Library business: a brief history
December 6, 2010 –  The evolution of the music library business has been driven by the digital revolution.
SWOT: Zoic on Commercial Editorial
December 6, 2010 –  It is fair to say that in today’s world of commercials that rely heavily on visual effects for storytelling purposes, there are a lot more creative people who understand this medium in its entirety ...
SWOT: Gnomon on Education
December 6, 2010 –  Gnomon is a brick & mortar institution that teaches approximately 350 students every term. The school specializes in visual effects and videogame design, and was founded in 1997. They also offer ...
The NAS vs. SAN argument
December 6, 2010 –  As a former SGI employee (prior to founding Small Tree), I had a great deal of exposure to the SAN/NAS schism that occurred a decade and a half ago. The issue was simple: We could not build NAS ...
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