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SWOT: Gnomon on Education
December 6, 2010 –  Gnomon is a brick & mortar institution that teaches approximately 350 students every term. The school specializes in visual effects and videogame design, and was founded in 1997. They also offer ...
The NAS vs. SAN argument
December 6, 2010 –  As a former SGI employee (prior to founding Small Tree), I had a great deal of exposure to the SAN/NAS schism that occurred a decade and a half ago. The issue was simple: We could not build NAS ...
Outlook: Splice Here looks toward 2011
December 6, 2010 –  The landscape of marketing, advertising and entertainment is rapidly evolving, bringing with it a fair amount of confusion and uncertainty. Editorial shops, once strong and vibrant, have been forced ...
Outlook: Sway sees opportunities on the commercial front
December 6, 2010 –  For the visual effects industry, 2010 was a year of huge peaks and valleys in terms of projects. A year of feast or famine, with a large influx of work, followed intermittently with slower periods. We ...
Outlook: Dive addresses data management
December 6, 2010 –  As Dive looks towards 2011, we look beyond the digital acquisition format revolution that has changed our industry. New cameras will release with greater expectations in the year ahead.
Editor Rick Shaine — The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
December 3, 2010 –  Editor Rick Shaine has collaborated with director Michael Apted on multiple feature films, including Enigma, Amazing Grace and Enough. T he Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is ...
Foundation Content builds new color workflow
December 2, 2010 –  CHICAGO — Foundation Content’s Tom Rovak is an expert when it comes to color; he has used almost every type of color correction product the market has to offer. So when it came time to build an ...
Disney's 'Tangled'
December 1, 2010 –  For Disney’s 50th feature animation, the Tangled crew created a CG version of a traditionally-animated film.
Production Summit 2010: Navigating tomorrow’s business models
December 1, 2010 –  The demise of middle-budget movies, the push for more, better, cheaper effects, and the outsourcing of the VFX business are just three of the challenges facing visual effects houses in 2010.
Storm Studios - 'The Trollhunter'
November 3, 2010 –  OSLO, NORWAY — Storm Studios (, here, recently created troll characters for the film The Trollhunter, which is being distributed in the US and Europe. The film marks the feature ...
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