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A52 tests Nvidia's next-gen Maximus
October 15, 2012 –  SANTA MONICA — We met Lon Grohs, VP of Business Development at Chaos Group, at Escape Studios this past Spring. We both happened to be presenting that evening — a52 was there to show off a beautiful ...
Sébastien Montaz-Rosset's extreme filmmaking
October 9, 2012 –  Sébastien Montaz-Rosset - “Seb” — is a talented, self-taught French filmmaker who specializes in filming extreme athletes in extreme conditions. One of his latest short films, I Believe I Can Fly ...
Director's Chair: Jim Field Smith - 'Butter'
October 8, 2012 –  NEW YORK — On October 5th, Radius-TWC released Butter, a new comedic feature that looks at the competitive world of butter carving in the heartland of America.
Sound Design: Jon Title finds inspiration
October 8, 2012 –  HOLLYWOOD — One thing that Jon Title has learned in his 15-plus years as a sound designer and sound editor at Soundelux: inspiration can appear in the unlikeliest of places.
Transmedia Storytelling: What we learned from 'Lost'
October 8, 2012 –  Getting lost is seldom a good thing, but in the case of J.J. Abrams’ ground-breaking series Lost, it would have been nice to see media industries truly “get it.”
Student to Pro: Cutler Gray
October 4, 2012 –  Cutler Gray is a rising post production star in his final semester at California State University Northridge. He additionally attended TheFilmSchool in Seattle, studying storytelling with Stewart ...
Film Sound: 'Pitch Perfect'
September 28, 2012 –  Coming to theaters October 5th is the Universal Studios film, Pitch Perfect, which features the music of collegiate a cappella singing groups. Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy about an all-girl ...
Cloud-based Storage
September 20, 2012 –  A Promising Solution for the 4K Transition.
Working It: How this grad landed her first gig
September 11, 2012 –  Amy Rosenberg graduated from Indiana University in May, and through her own legwork, networking and maximizing of opportunities, has scored her first position as an editor’s assistant at Hooligan ...
Going Pro: One student's early success
September 5, 2012 –  For Heather Burky, the transition from student to pro came quickly. Within a few months of graduating The Art Institute of Jacksonville’s Digital Film & Video program, Burky’s capstone film ...
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